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Igniting Young Minds, One Creation at a Time.

A technology hub where kids start their journey towards Innovation in a fun filled way, with the help of Robotics and Coding.

So what's Grobots Academy ?

A haven for young minds passionate about Robotics, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. It's not just a learning space; it's a vibrant community where kids come together to turn their wildest ideas into reality.

Learn Without Burnout

With a flexible learning system with no boundation to a stressful curriculum, kids can learn and explore the world of STEM at their own pace.


Happy creators at Grobots Academy.

What Sets us Apart

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Learning Beyond Boundaries

Step into a world where curiosity knows no bounds. Grobots Academy is more than just a classroom; a dynamic environment that encourages creativity and hands-on learning. We break away from traditional education, providing a flexible space for kids to explore, tinker, and create.

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Tech Meets Play at Grobots

From Robotics to 3D printing, AI to IoT, our academy is a playground for tech geeks. Our carefully crafted diploma program ensures that kids not only grasp the fundamentals but also delve deep into cutting-edge technologies with Robotics that define the 21st century.

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Community & Collaboration

Where else can you come across a community of Young Innovators? Grobots isn't just about solo learning; it's a place to collaborate, share ideas, and build lasting friendships. And also geek out about cool Robots and AI in the 21st century.

Junior Diploma Membership Plans

Junior Diploma focuses on a blended learning approach that combines in-person classes with online support.

Explore our diverse membership plans, each designed for your unique educational path. Choose the perfect blend of sessions, workshops, and perks to elevate your skills.



Embark on a journey of exploration with our Silver Plan. Delve into 10 enriching sessions, attend a workshop, and earn the Grobots Explorer certificate in just 3 months.

  • 3 Months Program

  • 12 Sessions

  • 10+ Robots/Projects

  • 1 Explorer Certificate

  • 1 Workshop Access

  • Grobots Goodies



Unlock mastery with our Gold Plan! Dive into 30 dynamic sessions, attend workshops, and earn a Junior Degree in just 6 months. Engage with experts and achieve success.

  • 6 Months Program

  • 30 Sessions

  • 24+Robots/Projects

  • 1 Junior Diploma

  • 1 Humanoid Robot

  • 2 Workshop Access

  • Grobots Goodies



Experience Elite Mastery and flexibility with our Diamond Plan. Dive into 48 advanced sessions and achieve 2 Junior Degrees at your own pace over 12 months.

  • 12 Months Program

  • 48 Sessions

  • 2 Junior Diplomas

  • 40+Robots/Projects

  • 1 Humanoid + 1 Arduino Kit

  • 4 Workshop Access

  • Grobots Goodies

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Why Choose Grobots ?

Discover what our valued learners have to say. Real stories, genuine experiences—check out the journeys that showcase the impact of Grobots Academy.

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